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Amilera 3D Hyaluron Whitening Serum

Amilera 3D Hyaluron Whitening Serum

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Discover the true radiance of your skin!

The amilera® 3D Radiant Serum is a highly active hyaluronic acid concentrate which replenishes the moisture depots in your skin, protects the skin and brightens it naturally.

The carefully formulated product with an antioxidant active ingredient concentrate normalizes almost all forms of pigmentation problems as well as weaknesses in skin texture. The very fine, lightweight texture of the serum in the vials is instantly absorbed and protects the skin against environmental influences such as UV light or free radicals.

Application: In the morning after cleansing, apply the content of one vial to your face, neck and décolletage. Complete your routine with a moisturizing product.

  • Even and radiant complexion

  • moisturizes

  • Highest quality, without compromises

  • Skincare without compromises


  • Contains 0.6% hyaluronic acid

  • Brightens the complexion naturally 

  • Skin brightening effect and antioxidant action scientifically proven

  • Ideal for age spot

  • Calming and moisturizing

  • One daily vial for morning and evening

  • For face, neck, décolletage chest and hands

  • Brightening serum for daily use

  • Also suitable for use with the Microneedling Roller and the ultrasound device

  • Suitable for women and men

  • 30 resealable 1.5ml vials

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